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Custom Agriculture Equipment

We are proud to offer our 3pth sprayer that is specifically built to withstand rough pasture and hay land while still providing a 90ft spray pattern.

Although you do not need specialized equipment to apply our foliar fertilizer products, we have had this sprayer manufactured to make application on pasture and hay land easier and faster.

With several years as an herbicide applicator and over a decade of farming, Randy has designed this spray unit to fit the needs of pasture and hay land application with thought and attention to ease of use for the operator.

This unit will make quick work of applying our foliar fertilizer to your customers land.

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Range Ag Sprayer

  • 3 pth Spray Unit only requires 1 set of hydraulic remotes

  • Heavy Duty built for rough pasture and hay land

  • In cab controls for both arms so no need for hopping in and out of the cab 

  • In cab controls for spray nozzles

  • Hybrid boom and boomless design gives it a 90 ft. spray pattern which reduces amount of fuel used

  • 420 gallon tank means less time wasted filling

Custom Agricultural Equipment

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