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Foliar Fertilizer Recommendations by Crop

Image by Leopold Maitre

Grass Pasture or Hay Land

For grass pasture and grass hay land it is recommend using Pasture Plus, 14-3-5-3S, 

to get the most growth and to ensure high nutrition for your livestock.

Alfalfa or Legume Grass Mix Hay Land

This type of field requires a more even blend of N-P-K in order to produce well and survive through our harsh winters here.  Forage Plus, 8-16-5-1S, has been formulated for legume grass mixed fields.  Alternatively, a blend of Dilat+ and Salvador or Agro-Phos would be what is recommended. The specific mixture would depend on your particular field.

Dog in Farm
Close Up of Corn Field


A combination of Dilat+ and Kali-T would be ideal for corn.  This can be tank mixed at the time of glyphosate early in the season.  However, if sulfur is something that may be lacking, Agro-Ammo is a great addition for maximizing yields.


A Dilat+ and Salvador combination is fantastic at getting bushels in the bin.  Something to not be overlooked is calcium.  If your normal fertilizing program does not have enough of an emphasis on this important nutrient try Agro-Ca and Poma.  It's extremely important if your not incorporating your stover.

Fields of Gold
Image by Belinda Fewings


For barley, a healthy dose of   Salvador will give you the boost your crop needs. It is well rounded and makes the most of your barley.


Dilat+ is once again an excellent choice for oats.  Depending on your fertilizing regime, some Salvador in addition can really make your crop excel.

Field of oats. Ripening ears of oats in a field. Crops field. Harvesting period. Rural lan
Image by Ant Rozetsky


A Dilat+ and Kali-T combo makes the best blend for wheat.  It's astonishing how these two products can really mitigate crop stress from a host of issues, especially drought.


Pro Tuber is a specifically designed product to take the guess work out of foliar feeding and should be a part of all potato fertilizing programs.

Potatoes and Roots
Selective focus on fresh bright green pea pods on a pea plants in a garden. Growing peas o


For peas its recommended to use either Agro-Phos or a Poma /Agro-Ca combination as these products cannot tank mix. However, depending on your herbicide selection and fertilizing program, choosing the appropriate one will really make the most of your land.

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