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Foliar Fertilizer Videos

The Yeoford Field

Here are a few videos showing you my personal hay field, which I refer to as The Yeoford Field.  I've been using foliar fertilizer on it for the past 5 years and when I first got this field it was sparse, had tons of weeds, and was significantly lacking in nutritional value.
This year has been outstandingly dry, with most farmers in Alberta only getting about 20% of their normal yield.  However, I was still able to get 2 cuts off of this field.  The first was June 14, 2021 and the second on Sept. 28, 2021.
Keep in mind, this field has had zero (0) granular fertilizer and has only been foliar fed.

Taken June 14, 2021 just 10 days after applying an 18-0-0 foliar fertilizer at a rate of 10 l/acre. On this 1st cust alone we about 2.5tons to the acre.

Two weeks after our first cut we then applied a 14-4-6 +Micros, a more balanced foliar fertilizer application of N-P-K, at a rate of  4 l/acre.

Our second cut was done on Sept. 28, 2021.  We got about 2 tons to the acre on the 2nd cut alone.  The potassium in the 14-4-6 +Micros foliar fertilizer that we applied the beginning of July made an enormous difference in allowing the plants to withstand the severe drought we had this year.

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