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What is Foliar Fertilizer?


Angela Ericksen

Office Admin/Advertising

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Foliar Fertilizer is a nutrient rich liquid specifically created to be absorbed through the body of the plant.  What does this mean?  It means no more waiting for weeks for those rich nutrients to reach the roots. Foliar fertilizer is absorbed through the stomates in the body of the plant and begins giving your pasture, hay land, or crop much needed nutrients within minutes!

For best results, apply this rich nutrient filled fertilizer once the plant has emerged at least 6 inches or after the rain when it's actively growing.  Foliar fertilizer also increases your crop or fields resistance to stress such as drought, heat, excessive rain, disease, etc.

Now let's talk about the main questions farmers have about foliar fertilizer. "How many liters per acre of foliar fertilizer is equal to "x" number of pounds per acre of granular fertilizer?"  Please know they are not apples to apples in comparison.  Granular, UAN, Urea and any other soil applied fertilizer help replace depleted nutrients in the soil.  Once the soil absorbs the fertilizer, the plant then uptakes the nutrients through its root system.  This is a slow process that happens over weeks. 

With foliar fertilizer, we are bypassing the nutrient concern of the soil and feeding the nutritional needs of the plant directly.  This reduces the amount of nutritional needs from the soil itself and directly feeds the plant with the rich nutrients it craves within minutes!  No more waiting weeks for results!

FUN FACT: Many independent and University studies have estimated that a pound of nitrogen in a foliar form is

10-15 TIMES more effective than soil applied fertilizer! Studies have also found that a pound of phosphorus and potash in a foliar form to be 20 TIMES more effective than soil applied fertilizer.



For those of you trying to make the switch to Regenerative Agriculture and get away from granular fertilizer:

Range Grass and Range Forage are NOT detrimental to Mycorrhizal fungi.

Will NOT change the soil PH and do NOT contaminate the watershed system when properly applied

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