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Foliar Fertilizer by Agro 100

The secret to Agro100's foliar fertilizers is the formulation.  They are a true solution, and unlike other products, they are water soluble and not a liquid suspension. Liquid suspensions have a tendency to create an uneven application and can even solidify or crystalize leaving you with clogged filters and spray nozzles.

Additionally, anyone looking at making the switch to regenerative agriculture and go away from granular fertilizer on pasture will be excited at the benefits of Agro 100's Foliar Fertilizers as a bridge product.  When compared to traditional granular, Agro 100's Foliar Fertilizers are not detrimental to mycorrhizal fungi, do not change the soil ph, and when properly applied do not contaminate the watershed system.  Leaving you with a fertilizer you can feel good about.

Range Ag is now offering Pasture+ and Forage+, a new line of Crop Specific products manufactured solely for us by Agro-100 specifically designed for your hay land and pasture.  This will help take the guess work out of tank mixing so you can spray with confidence.

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Pasture Plus


Agro100's new product, developed in conjunction with western Canadian farmers is a fantastic way to give a boost of nutrients to many times overlooked but important part of agriculture, pasture.

Although the nutrients in pasture are often recycled through grazing livestock, the ability to feed the vegetation what it's lacking results in plant growth and health.  Healthy plants are more resistant to stress ie. extreme weather, early frost.  This allows for the ability of better pasture management and land utilisation.

Forage Plus


Forage Plus is a great way to get nutrients into legume blended hay crops.  The nutrient formulation really has alfalfa in mind with more of an emphasis on phosphorus and potassuim compared to other products.  By using Forage Plus you are able to give a boost of nutrients shortly after major stressors, such as coming out of winter dormancy, and after the first cutting has been completed.  This allows for a healthier stand of forage and and increase in forage nutrition, and production.  Something everyone wants whether you are a hay producer or a rancher.  

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All of our foliar products are available in 1000 liter totes

Below are our most popular Agro-100 foliar fertilizers.  For a complete list, please click on the button below.




A cost effective form of Nitrogen.  This form of nitrogen is immediately available to the plant allowing for rampant growth in Nitrogen starved crops. Dilat+ is a liquid nutrient concentrated in ureic nitrogen specially designed to provide an immediate nitrogen supply by way of foliar route. Ureic nitrogen assimilation demands less energy from the plant compared with other forms of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a main component of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, and chlorophylls. 

Póma is a calcium acetate-based liquid foliar nutrient, specially designed to prevent and correct nutritional and physiological imbalances caused by deficient or poor calcium assimilation. Calcium is chelated with acetic acid which is found naturally in all living organisms, thus it is not toxic and it is involved in many metabolic processes of the plant. Póma is a chlorine- and nitrogen-free solution containing a multifunctional adjuvant (adhesive, penetrating, damping, anti-foaming and tensioactive agents) that allows calcium to remain in solution longer on the leaf without being washed out and helps to penetrate the leaf more easily.

Crop Booster

15-3-6+2% micros


CropBooster 2.0  is a liquid foliar nutrient and a biostimulant used when plants are stressed. These nutrients improve the vegetative growth of plants and reduce the abiotic stresses associated with the use of herbicides. CropBooster® kick-starts plant growth that has been stalled by frost, cold wet soils, drought, etc.

0-0-0 +12% Ca

Calcium is a component essential to cell walls and is indispensable to the plant’s normal development. It provides a physical barrier against the penetration of pathogens and is essential in regulating enzymatic systems, phytohormone activities (auxins) and to good nutrient absorption. Calcium also affects pollen fertility and is a second messenger in many transduction signal pathways in the plant that coordinate some cellular activities. Calcium plays a vital role in the crop’s resistance to stress.

Salvador C-Plex


Salvador is a liquid foliar nutrient, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and complemented with magnesium, sulphur, and other micronutrients that are indispensable for plant growth.  Salvador is chelated with C-Plex which improves absorption and improves transport of nutrients within the plant.

Agro-100’s foliar biostimulants are designed to enhance the plant’s natural defenses against abiotic stresses and activate growth promoting responses that allow the crop to achieve and reach its full yield potential.

Agro-Start, 10-30-3+ 0,01% B + 0,5% Zn + AIB

Agro-Start is a nitrogen-, phosphorus-, and potassium-based solution enriched with zinc, boron, and indole-butyric acid (IBA) for soil application in order to activate and stimulate the radicular development of the crop.

  • Ideal for all planted crops. Mix with transplantation water or apply directly on the transplant trays

  • Stimulates cuttings to take root

  • Quick start and regularity in the crop

  • Strengthens resistance against stresses

  • Improves crop yield and quality

3-0-0 +micros

Agro-Combo is a liquid nutrient well-balanced in nitrogen, magnesium and micronutrients and easily assimilable in order to rectify and prevent deficiencies with foliar applications. The synergy between the eight (8) elements activates many vital processes as well as the crop’s yield inducing factors (cellular division, photosynthesis, flowering, sugar synthesis and transport, hormone and protein synthesis, etc.). It can be used based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear

8-0-0 + 9% Sulfur

Agro-Ammo is a liquid foliar nutrient that combines nitrogen and sulphur, in balanced proportions, designed to prevent and correct sulphur and nitrogen deficiencies for crops in risk situations. Nitrogen and sulphur are inseparable and vital to high performance production, and application in the early stages of the plant’s development helps to avoid stunted growth. Agro-Ammo fully optimizes the nitrogen-sulphur synergy.

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