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Foliar Fertilizer/Custom Application/Spray Equipment

  • We are farmer founded, owned and operated

  • Headquartered in Breton, Alberta

  • Retailers and Applicators throughout Alberta, Saskatchwan and Northern British Columbia

Range AG is an Alberta based, farmer founded, owned, and operated company whose inspiration and experience comes from actual time spent in the field growing forage and raising cattle.

Our mission is to guide farmers to a more regenerative approach to farming with a realistic plan and in a timely and financially manageable way. With a forward thinking approach we continue to provide products and services that not only will increase the yield and nutritional value your land produces but will save you both time and money therefore increasing your profit margin.


We truly want every farmer to “Make the Most of Your Land”!


Randy Chubak


Bob Letkeman


Photos taken 2021 during the drought in Alberta.  Both corn and peas were given the same amount of granular fertilizer.  

Trevors Corn 2021.jpg

Both corn ears pictured were given granular fertlizer.  The one on the right was also sprayed with foliar fertilizer.  The ear on the left was not.

Top pea was fed with granular fertilizer and also sprayed with foliar fertilzer.  Bottom two peas were only given granular.

Trevors Peas 2021.jpg

Range Ag currently distributes foliar products as well as our own line of Custom Fertilizing Equipment designed specifically for pasture and hay land.

If you are interested in becoming a retailer/applicator please contact us.

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